Dyna to Argus conversions (Dyna2Argus)

Leverage your Dyna models to be your valuations!

Dyna2Argus is an easy to use tool which allows you to select one or more Dyna projects and within seconds you will have an SF file for each of the selected projects.

Not too many properties to convert?

Send us your Dyna model, and we’ll send you an SF file that replicates your Dyna model.

Have a lot of properties to convert?

We’ll provide you with a conversion tool you can run on your own for as many properties and as often as you will like. Also, we’ll give you options to have the Argus model replicate your Dyna model or have it summarized and presented customized to your user’s needs.

  • Exclude MLA’s and other assumptions
  • Summarize Expenses
  • Exclude certain items
  • Customized report settings

Dyna to Argus Reconciliation

Argus is limited in its capabilities compared to Dyna. We’ll highlight the variances in cash flows and tenant items so that you know why and by how much the difference is.