Financial Reporting (ReportXL)

Create reports in a fraction of the time.

ReportXL is easier to use and more powerful than SSRS. Design your reports in Excel making them look exactly like you want. The report designer does not require any special tools, utilities, or add-ins to Excel to design the reports. To publish the report – save the Excel file in a predefined location on the server and you are done. ReportXL will read that Excel file to use as a template by replacing specified cells with values from one or more databases. Reports can be presented to screen, saved to Excel (with or without formulas), or as PDF’s.


  • Other than the report designer, no-one needs a copy of Excel, but users of Excel will love the interactive reports.
  • Centrally controlled report definitions avoid errors common with Excel based solutions
  • Easy to learn – no special programming skills required, anyone with Excel knowledge can complete their first report within an hour.
  • Server or client based solution. API allows integration into custom apps and Web based solution

Currently supported databases:

  • Dyna
  • Argus DCF
  • CTI
  • JDE
  • Yardi