System Integration (Argus, Cougar, Dyna, Fuel, Yardi)

You’ll have one button solutions that will save you time and money.

Need to move data into and out of your Dyna and Argus models? We can help.

Dyna Updates: We know DynaCode! And we are not limited by it. We can add data such as notes, prior budgets, and embedded spreadsheets DynaCode cannot do. We will even ensure the model is calculated after our updates.

Argus: We can read and write native SF files. Whether you need to analyse a portfolio of properties, make mass updates, or build a portfolio of Argus models, we can do it efficiently and accurately.

Integrations: We have built two way integrations into CTI, JDE, and Yardi property management systems as well as several proprietary database systems.

Systems Integration